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  • Holden Warranty

    If you want to cover any unexpected and costly repairs that are caused by an electrical or mechanical fault, then Holden can provide additional warranty protection.

    Our customer protection warranty removes the stress and financial impact of your vehicle going wrong.

    Additional warranty protection includes:

    •    Parts, labour, and VAT

    •    Access to a national repair network

    •    3 – 36 months cover options

    •    Comprehensive parts cover

    •    Fast payment for valid claims

    •    Optional vehicle recovery

    Customer protect comprehensive

    Our comprehensive warranty plan covers the majority of components* on your car and could save you hundreds of pounds should a fault develop. Below are some example costs of what a replacement part to your car might cost. 

    These include:

    • Alternator - £291
    • Head Gasket - £476
    • Differential - £1,946
    • Water pump - £198
    • Brake callipers - £157

    The warranty also covers the following parts and materials

    Oil seals
    Crankshaft front seal; camshaft oil seal; auxiliary shaft oil seal; gearbox rear seal; drive shafts seals; differential pinion seal;

    Any other oil seal the engine or gearbox needs as part of a repair under this warranty

    Working materials
    Oils, oil filter and antifreeze are included only if it is essential to replace them as part of an agreed claim under this warranty.

    If any of the included parts fail and this damages the casings they will be included only as part of an agreed claim.

    Air-conditioning re-gas
    The most we would pay towards re-gassing is £60 (including VAT).

    *exclusions apply – speak to one of our staff for details.

    How to find us

    Holden MyChoice Bury
    Wentworth House
    Mildenhall Road
    Bury St. Edmunds
    IP32 6EN
    United Kingdom

    Warranty enquiry

    If you have a question about extended warranty plans, we'd love to hear from you.

    Complete the form and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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